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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Little miracles rescued July 21/11

I was in town about to make a purchase when my cell phone rang. I answered to find out 2 more babies smaller than the first one were in the middle of the hot road near my house in Big Bay Point, Innisfil. One on top of the other,clearly in distress. Told the store clerk I would be back. Had an emergency to tend to. And I was off. I had a friend with me (Fran) and we were on a mission to save a couple more lives. I told Gwen ( another friend and neighbour) what to do and it was done fast. The babes were awaiting in a recycle bin 30 min later when we arrived. The cage was still in the back of the car from this mornings trip to the wildlife rehabilitation center with the first baby my husband & I rescued from my backyard last night. Apparently the little ones put up a fight when removed from the road. But when I lifted them with a towel out of the bin,there was no fight at all. They were hot,dehydrated and starving. Mom was gone. Another mom missing. This is 3 in a month. And I am guessing more babes probably died. These little ones are not old enough to leave the nest yet. And I am thinking they made their way out from desperation to find food and water. Thier tiny little bodies lay motionless in the middle of the hot gravel road in temperatures of in the mid 40's with humidity. The hottest day of the season so far. It was aweful. I am surprised they didn't surcomb. They could go no farther. We called Helen. She was awaiting our arrival and tended to the babes immediatly. They had a warm bottle and warm wipe down and some electrolights. I was very worried about one but it perked up along the way. Strong little things. They are very young. Helen said they would not of made it much longer. They were fighting the bottle a bit but then realized this was what they were looking for. They snuggled into Helen as she took them both out and fed them one at a time. They cried a bit. They ate a bit and they snuggled into their new mom some more. It was awesome. The other little one we brought in that morning was very curious of the new comers and their little cries. Later Helen will give them a bath to make sure there is no problems when she puts them together as they are from different litters. They are all little girls.
Update from Friday July 22nd. All 3 babes are together and enjoying each others company. About 2 weeks apart in age. So between 5-8 weeks of age.They have a nice tunnel and some toys to play with. Babes are all eating.

One thing I really feel the need to say here. Is that I realize some people do not want wildlife around their homes. Lets not forget a very big thing here. They were here first. I know,you have heard that before. But the fact is . That is true. AND. Development. We are around a big development change going on here and we are seeing more wildlife that has been uprooted from thier homes. NOT THIER FAULT!! Oh I know some developers do end up ding amazing things for the wildlife in the end. BUT. During that process,they are uprooted and have no place to go. It is a no win situation. They are being forced to live amongst us. DO NOT TRAP and move an animal. They may have young. These little lives are innocent and they can not help themselves. THEY NEED MOM. This was a miracle that these littel ones were able to get to the outside world to get help. They were very lucky the kind gentleman found them and did something about it fast. For that I thank you. I beleive there are laws in effect here as well at this time of year especially. Chipmunks,squirrels,skunks etc. The list goes on. All have young at this time of year that need them. Mom's are just trying to get some R&R away from the babes when you see them out during the day. They may be hungry and looking for a drink ,a much need rest, whatever. There are other humane ways to tell them you don't want them there if you must! Leaving a radio on .Leaving lights on at night with the radio. 1 part garlic juice to 10 parts water is suppose to deter wildlife AND cats as well by spraying it around. Contact Toronto Wildlife Center or other rehab centers for information on that as well. I am sure they will be glad to help you out there.

POISON: I hate poison. You are not only poisoning a mouse,a rat whatever. But you are poisoning what eats that animal and what eats THAT animal and on and on it goes . The food chain. The mouse is poisoned,it is a slow horible death,the hawk or fox eats that mouse,the turkey vulture eats that fox. The food chain has just all been poisoned. PLUS. Posibly someones precious pet may get into that poison as well. Cats eat mice. Something to think about!!!

To all those wildlife rehabilitators out there, and there are not near enough of them. You are all very special people who care and give it your all to save our wildlife young and old alike. Way to go and keep up the excellent work you do.

We have lost to many wildlife rehab centers due to funding. If you need help for one of your wildlife friends,wether it be injured and or orphaned. Please check with your nearest MNR ( Ministry of Natural Resources) to find out what is nearest you.
A couple places I know of are
Procyon in Beeton,Toronto Wildlife Center in Toronto,Aspen Valley Wildlife center in Parry Sound. And there also is a wildlife rehab in Staynor. Internet is a good sourse also to locate these places. I have a book with all these important numbers I carry with me. You never know. And sometimes you don't have a lot of time. God willing you will never need to know.

To my wildlife rehaber friend Helen.
THANK YOU. And the babes thank you too!!

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