l have been a part of a few successful wildlife rescues and educate people on wildlife and environmental issues. We have helped in issues to save wetlands, woodlands etc.to save the precious life within. It is well worth the effort. We can all learn to live and work together. Education is the key. In 2011 I won an education award from Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority for the work and photography I do. Habitat is fast disappearing and with it, many species are also declining in numbers. So many species can actually tell us the health of our environment and alert us to problems we need to know about. They all need to be protected.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Loons n fishing line.

Loons and fishing line dont mix well. This first year loon has fishing line around its neck and tail area. When we spotted it it was constantly shaking its head and picking at its leg and tail area. We were helpless to help it as it can still dive. Hopefully it is able to still eat small fish. This is a huge issue and needs to be fixed. Fishermen,dont leave your line behind. Take it home and despose of it properly. Not only loons get caught. Other water birds also loose their lives every year. All year long. People ,motors. Can really mess up a prop on your boat. But my concern is the life lost every year do to negligence. Should be a simple fix. But it goes on and on.

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