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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Newfoundland July 10th to 19th 2015

On July 7th Mark & I celebrated our 25th anniversary. Wow. A year ago we planned to go to Newfoundland. What a great decision.We flew into Deer Lake airport. Drove to Gros Morne National Park.Rocky Harbor,Norris Point were we saw our first whale,a minke whale. Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse,Western Brook Pond Boat Tour to see the Fjiord which is part of the Appalachian Mountains that come up from Georgia.Saw the SS. Ethie shipwreck,very cool. Best part is the captain got all the people off safely,early 1900's. St. Anthony.Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve,Quirpon Island staying at the Lighthouse Inn. Amazing and highly recommended. Twillingate,Steady Brook. Cow Head ferry to Change Island. I believe we did somewhere upwards to 2100 km. Saw lighthouses herd fog horns saw our first iceburg way out there in the fog. Totally amazing. Friendly,scenic and so much to see and places to go. St. Anthony brought us our first humpback whales,Quirpon Island brought us 4 plus 6 white sided dolphins,gannets and more. It was there that we stood on the mountain overlooking the cove and took our wedding vows all over again in Newfoundland. It was awesome.The ladies surprised us with wedding cake and champagne, a banner and balloons. The best bunch of people here,we were totally spoiled when we left to continue on our adventure.The food just kept coming. All home cooked with love. Judy at Linkum Tours Newfoundland booked everything for us and all we had to do was get there,pick up the car, and drive. It was super. She did a fantastic job. We fell into bed every night and heard nothing til it was time to go again. We even went to a dinner theater in Shallow Bay,Cow Head. The play was all about the SS.Ethie shipwreck and the food,well WOW. It made you want to go see the shipwreck and that we did. A lot of history and proud people in Newfoundland. Fun,caring and hard working. We plan to go back. Travelling in your own country is something we have never been able to do. But as I have been south many times. It is time to support Canada. It is beautiful!!!

                   As you can see by the sign,this is a very small community. Love the sign.
 Upon arrival at Quirpon Island,we were greeted by a beautiful big land locked iceburg. Stuck in the cove. Amazing.
                                         You go for a 20 min zodiak ride to the island.

                                     Whale bones sturgeon skeleton and other bones greeted us.

     We saw 5 other iceburgs go booting by. Falling over,pcs falling off,hitchhiking birds. Very cool.
                                                          Quirpon Lighthouse Inn.

                                           Savannah sparrows everywhere feeding young.


                                                                Beautiful flowers
                                                               Stunning rock cliffs.
                                                                My husband Mark
                         These iceburgs tipped over and are floating by the whale watching room.
                                                       Wooden carving of a sailor
                               A little close but this sailboat took a trip past this floating iceberg.

   A little chilly on the island. We picked us up a couple toques. Is this July!!! Didn't bother us at all. Was great for hiking.

        Terry came all the way from the island to do our vows. They were beautiful. It was very cool.Ice bergs behind us whales around us. Perfect.

                                                                      What a view.
                                                                Our surprise.


                                                   Sun dew,these guys actually eat bugs.

                                    Not sure yet what these fuzzy flowers were. But love em.
                               We walked a long way. It was awesome.The life here was amazing.

                                                        Clouds in the mountains.
                                                 Icebergs in the cove or ( Tickle). Love it.

                                               Needed a drink. A pc of iceberg. Yum.

                                                               Humpback whale

                                   Two whales here. You can see ones flipper as it swims by.
                                      The head while feeding off the rocks literally below us.
  This photo shows the whales eye. He is covered with scratches and chunks out from around his eye. The orca whales attack these guys sometimes leaving them with scars.
                                                   White sided dolphins passing  by.

                                                                 What a sunset

                                                  We bid farewell to some of the staff.

                                                            Short tailed swallowtail
                                                                Old lobster traps
                                                           Tides out. Cool stuff

 4 moose hit so far this year but last years sign read 660. When we arrived only 1. 4 days later 4. Sad.

                                                Shallow Bay Motel right on the ocean.
                                                These little snails are called Winkles.
                                                 And finally we actually saw some sheep.

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Karen Wilson said...

More gorgeous pics. Definitely a trip to remember! Sad about the moose though .. :(