l have been a part of a few successful wildlife rescues and educate people on wildlife and environmental issues. We have helped in issues to save wetlands, woodlands etc.to save the precious life within. It is well worth the effort. We can all learn to live and work together. Education is the key. In 2011 I won an education award from Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority for the work and photography I do. Habitat is fast disappearing and with it, many species are also declining in numbers. So many species can actually tell us the health of our environment and alert us to problems we need to know about. They all need to be protected.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Winter wonders

Our winter visitors are arriving looking for food.These amazing snowy owls hunt day & night. When their food source in the north country depletes they head south in search for a good food source. Rodents,rabbits ducks etc. are some of what they seek. Please do not approach these owls but view and admire from a distance and use a good zoom. Everything these days has good opportunity for getting a great shot. Here I used my 150 -500 mm lens but I have also cropped these photos. I do not give locations of any owls.The following is a quote from a local conservation officer!!

“We are privileged to be able to see these northern owls every few years. People need to recognize that they are here because of lack of food in their normal habitat, so any harassment of them could have a serious impact on their survival. It is for that reason that the Fish & Wildlife Conservation Act included this kind of activity in the definition of hunting, making it an offense. Therefore a person repeatedly following or disturbing a bird of prey for the purpose of getting a great photo, could very easily be illegal “hunting” that owl if it is determined that they are harassing it in the process. A charge could result under the Fish & Wildlife Conservation Act.”

 Below were more of my favorite animals I love to see in winter snow. Again these are shot off the side of the road back into a field. Respect and enjoy our wildlife.