l have been a part of a few successful wildlife rescues and educate people on wildlife and environmental issues. We have helped in issues to save wetlands, woodlands etc.to save the precious life within. It is well worth the effort. We can all learn to live and work together. Education is the key. In 2011 I won an education award from Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority for the work and photography I do. Habitat is fast disappearing and with it, many species are also declining in numbers. So many species can actually tell us the health of our environment and alert us to problems we need to know about. They all need to be protected.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Greater Yellowlegs,BCW,9/25/09

There were 4 greater yellowlegs at Bear Creek wetland today and they were feeding up a storm. This one thoroughly enjoyed this little fish.
Going for the big one!
A little walk on some sort of dry land.
This one came up empty on this run.
Looking very interested in something under there. Got some great reflection shots today.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bear Creek Wetland 9/3/09

The lighting was great for this green heron in the tree next to me. Beautiful. Truly an amazing morning.

Bear Creek Wetland 9/3/09

Another green heron in flight.
Looking for a good meal.
Just ate. Quite content doing a fluff up and a bit of a relax after a good fishing.

Bear creek wetland 9/3/09

And early morning walk through this wetland led to some great shots of green herons. l counted 12 all around me. 6 in flight and the rest in the water or in trees. Although l ended up having my lens and camera set wrong for these. (a learning experience). l am putting them in anyways. Because they are great shots. l stood for almost 2 hours or so photographing these birds. Never in my life have l seen that many green herons at one time in one area.

Bear Creek Wetland,9/4/009

Trying out a new camera and lens. Still a lot of ironing out to do. But in general each day is getting better. Still some lighting issues as you will see here. But some amazing reflections. Did an evening walk into this wetland. Not to much action as l had hoped for. But some nice new arrivals. This young Canada Goose that was very curious about us.
Cedar waxwing young . These were a real challenge to get. They were flitting about catching bugs. Their stillness lasted only seconds. A whole family provided us with a lot of entertainment. l totally gave up on trying to get flight shots. Getting them to sit still long enough to get this type of shot was a major challenge. Was a lot of fun trying. Decided to just enjoy!!
A pair of killdeer were feeding at the edge of the water.
This greater yellowlegs was doing some R & R in the evening sun. What a beautiful evening it was.
Big stretch and he was off. But he stayed there for almost 15 min undisturbed. Got off some great shots.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Bear Creek Wetland in Barrie yielded a lot of small birds. These goldfinches were having a feast on these thistles.

This one was really having fun,pulling out the seed and stashing it under one foot. When l left after several shots and minuets. He had quite the pile there.

This was absolutely wonderful watching these two. Very busy and beautiful plumage color. Great photo opportunity for sure.