l have been a part of a few successful wildlife rescues and educate people on wildlife and environmental issues. We have helped in issues to save wetlands, woodlands etc.to save the precious life within. It is well worth the effort. We can all learn to live and work together. Education is the key. In 2011 I won an education award from Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority for the work and photography I do. Habitat is fast disappearing and with it, many species are also declining in numbers. So many species can actually tell us the health of our environment and alert us to problems we need to know about. They all need to be protected.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snowy eruption

This year we seem to have a lot of snowy owls showing up all over the place. It was a fridged weekend. One with temperatures we have not seen yet this winter. -30 deg. C.with windchill. But the sun that we see so rarely was shinning and I just had to bundle up and go out. It paid off. I was just leaving an area after seeing nothing. No birds at all. And why would you in this cold right. Then I spotted her. She was flying right towards me. I got out and stood by the car. The wind was so cold and blowing strongly. I didn't take time to get on the gloves or hat. Just hopped out and stood there camera in hand. She flew right over me almost and landed briefly in this tree. Then on she went to look for food. She flew over the open field and dissappeared. Then she came back over and I saw way off behind her,another young snowy in flight. She headed a different direction. But it was clearly hunting time for these birds. She landed far off and sat there face into the setting sun. The feathers blowing in the cold winds. She didn't seem to mind. Me on the other hand was sitting with the heater on full with my hands sitting on them. My hat now on. Yes a little late. But wow. It was magnificent to see her and the other one in flight serching for food. And as for me. I survived out there very briefly without my hat and gloves. Would not of wanted to be out any longer mind. What a beauty. A note on these birds. They have come here because of food shortage and they need to be allowed to hunt. People gathering around them and snapping cameras in their faces is not a good idea. I use a 150 -500mm lens. And it is great to be able to photograph them in nature. If this is what you want to do. Please get a camera with a good zoom. So many out there now that are not SLR's and so much less expensive. By all means enjoy the bird. But don't chase it. If it leaves,it has had enough. Don't stay long. And don't feed it. They must survive on their own and they will. Don't put them in harms way. They are such a calm bird and will sit for you if you do it right. But they need to conserve their energy for warmth,hunting and just plain survival. Enjoy at the respect and safety of the bird. Please.

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