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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Canada goose pair,Big Bay Point,Innisfil April 7th to May 5th

Although the photos are not in order. Here is a pair of Canada geese that nested on a roof on a friends cottage by the water. They nested there last year as well but not in the same place. And they got washed out completely. Poor things lost it all. This year she nested by the downspout. And apparently that was a good place. I spotted her on the 7th of April. She was probably there for about a week already before I saw her. Through weather that was terrible with no shelter at all. High ,very high winds,very heavy rain and down pours,snow,sleet,you name it she had it. She held on tight and guarded her wee eggs. Her mate never far away. The last week I noticed different behavior on both parents. He was closer to her and even was on the roof a lot by her side. She would leave her nest and go for a drink in the nearby pool,water had gathered there from the snow and rain,and some good eats. But never far. When My son & I arrived one afternoon she flew right back to the nest and her mate hissed at us. But then they were okay as they new it was me. I sat with then at a distance and talked gently to them. Not for long but just to watch their behavior. She moved the eggs around more and then settled in and moved more of the nest materials in close around her body. Then the day came. I was up north and I got a call saying one baby had hatched. That was in the morning. I got there at 3:30. There were 2. I sat in my spot. Male was right beside her. He was on guard with his life. He had chased a mink off through the week on the ground. And today,well everything was flying around,gulls,crows,a peregrin falcon flew over (never had that before here),a pair of merlins. We had 100's of chickadees and the merlins like to eat those. So the male goose was on guard. At 4,another head poped up under her wing. Then at 4:45 she stood up,gave a big stretch and flapped those beautiful wings and stepped aside. 4 beautiful wee goslings sat under were she had sat on that nest for that last 4 weeks. 4 little balls of yellow fluff. The proud parents stood there eyeing their new family. The babes checked out Mom and Dad and then Mom lay down the the wee ones went under her wings were it was warm. This day was a beautiful day. Jeff & I had checked on her before we went up north. Jeff said if it's gonna happen today is the day. The temps were warm and the sun shone. Well Jeff was right. Next day bright and early I went to check on the family. They were already off that roof. And were under Mom's wings on the beach. That day was not nice at all. Cold,rainy and windy. Lake was rough. I watched the family. The young goslings were all okay after their fall to the ground . Totally amazing wee babes. Mom & Dad took them to the water,they waded,not to sure. Then they followed parents to graze. Then back to the water. This time Mom lead them in and Dad was in the rear. 2 made it but the other 2 started peeping loudly as they got tumbled like in a washing machine over and over. I watched patientsly but on alert.Parents ran to their wee ones so fast. Talked to them and comforted them. Eventually they lead them to the other side were it was calmer, after a much needed rest, and snuggle under Mom's wings. Dad by their side. Mom went in the water and Dad back and forth coaxing they kids to the water over and through the rocks. They made it. All 4 up front with Mom until a little ways out. One dropped behind peeping all the way. Dad in the rear took over this wee one and off they all went to shore. That was the last I saw of them until the 7th. There they were. Mom, Dad and 4 baby goslings. All okay and grazing together.
I know so many people do not like geese. I am not one of them. All god's creatures were put on this earth to live together. And we can. And to watch these living,caring parents was amazing. Their immediate bond between them and their young. The tenderness,love and affection was wonderful. Some human's could truley learn from watching our wildlife in parental action. Mother nature does take care of it's own. It's called the food chain. I hope these 4 little ones make it to be grown up geese. But one never knows their fate.
If you don't want them on your groomed lake front property. Don't groom it to the lake. Plant a minimum 3 foot deep buffer zone. Plant things that will attract hummingbirds,butterflies and more. Trust me. Looks beautiful. Add's value to your property. Geese will be less likely to come on your lawn. Just making it harder for them is all it takes. Also healthier for the lake!! A big plus. Check with your local conservation authority for more info on that. And if you get the chance to watch our wildlife parents in action. Do so,quietly and patiently, and at a distance. It will be the most rewarding thing you ever do. Enjoy the next series of pictures of my Canada goose family portraits. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Nesting on the roof

5 days old

5 days old

Arrival in the spring,before they nested.

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